Saturday, 23 February 2013

Free Vikersund Ski Flying apk


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 Vikersund Ski Flying


LANDING TIP: Tap the middle of the screen to land, just before you hit the ground. In Normal mode you must adjust your skis so they are parallel to the ground for a perfect landing.Vikersund Ski Flying is an addicting ski jumping game. Easy to play, really hard to master!
The game is situated in Vikersund, the national ski flying arena in Norway, and the host for the 2012 Ski Flying Championships.
Jump as far as possible with maximum style!
Watch the wind, use good timing and in-air adjustments for the best results.
· Realistic and fun ski jumping.
· Two play modes
· Easy touch screen controls
· 1-3 player competition on the same device
· Local and global high score lists
· Listen to your own music while playing

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