Sunday, 17 February 2013

Free Windows 8 launcher pro apk


Windows 8 launcher proWindows 8 launcher pro*********Window 8 Launcher *******************
It's not a Go launcher theme.
IT's is launcher product.With the help user can replace your deffault launcher with the window 8 launcher

Functionality :
In this product we categorised all the app in two catogory
1 : System App - This category define the mobile default app.In this category User can lauch the app Only.
2 : Download/Install app - This category define user install app.In this category User can Launch and Install the app.
3 : You can search all the in the search menu.

You can launch the launch just click the window icon.
if you want to exit then press menu button -> select exit to exit the launcher
Again Start the launcher click the app icon


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