Thursday, 6 June 2013

Feather Live Wallpaper HD Full v1.0 Apk


Feather Live Wallpaper HD Full
Feather Live Wallpaper HD presents colorful feathers falling down. Different colors as well as many kind of feathers create a great visual effect. Waving the leaves makes the wallpaper look real. We have a choice of 15 different backgrounds which wonderfully fit to the colors as well as kinds of feathers. Download the app now and be impressed by the incredible graphics offered in Feather Live Wallpaper HD.
In the options you can find:
- Choose one of Fifteen Background Themes
- Choose the Colors of the Feathers: Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Pink, Grey, Violet, Brown
- Choose number of Feathers 1
- Choose number of Feathers 2
- Choose number of Feathers 3
- Choose number of Feathers 4
- Choose number of Feathers 5
- Choose number of Feathers 6
- Turn on/off Touch Effect
- Change Frame Rate: Save battery, Optimal, Super smooth
- Change Animations Speed : Slow, Normal, Fast
- Simulate Scrolling
Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Feather Live Wallpaper HD


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