Monday, 26 August 2013

GameCIH Apk - Android Hack Tool


GameCIH Android Cheat Engine
Android Games Hack tools- cheat engine
GameCIH allows you to modify variables of any program you are running. Because of this power many gamer uses this program to increase their score, coins, gold coins, high score, money, level, HP and so on. Only requirement to this simple yet powerful program is you need to be rooted. The reason you can guess is Android doesn't allow one program to modify other program's value directly.

How To hack Android Game With Gamecih

Install gamecih.apk
for example you want to hack temple run or other game..
you want to hack gold coins
1. open gamecih
2. then open the game temple run etc
3. check your game score or coins for example you have 100 coins
4. inside open CIH and search 1st type (number) 100 if you have 100 coins or which u hv
5. then start play game and increase some coins via earning
6. for example if you got 120 coins after playing
7.  then open again gamecih and in numbers type 120
8. you will get 2 values of 120
9. just change them as you want 9999999 etc.
10. when you will enter you will get 999999 coins of any game
thats it.
Enjoy Unlimted hack for all games

How To Install

Download apk install and enjoy


Root require
hvga, qvga, wvga
android os: 2.2 and up


Download Gamecih Apk (Tusfile Links)

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