Friday, 17 April 2015

A+ Launcher free android launcher apktop



About A+ Launcher
A+ Launcher is the smallest, smartest and simplest launcher in the market!

Why you need A+ Launcher?

Tired of cleaning up your apps one by one? Want the apps being categorized automatically? Try A+ Launcher!
If you have trouble to find your app at the moment you need it, A+ Launcher is perfect for you.
If you have tens of apps installed, A+ Launcher is perfect for you.
Besides, A+ launcher does more, it your most used or most recently used apps to your fingertip, it provides better control over stock launchers, and another tens improvements waiting for you to discover.


* Small - A+ Launcher is smaller than 1.5 MB. Tiny but efficient.
* Smart - A+ Launcher categorizes your apps into folders automatically.
* Simple - A+ Launcher brings your favorite apps to your fingertip.

New Features are coming soon:

* Widget: Add widget support, both new highly customizable home screen widget. Also enable users to add widgets from 3rd party apps.
* HD Wallpaper: Enable users to download hundreds of High-Resolution wallpapers in different style for free.
* Performance Booster: Help you to optimize your phone's memory, storage, apps to boost your phone's performance.
* IconPack and Theme: Allow you to customize your phone's visual style to fit your personal tastes.
* Personal Information Assistant: Help you to search and locate the apps, photos or other pieces of information on your phone.


MIcons HD (Nova Apex Go Theme) apk

What's New

New features:
* Multi-screen wallpaper support
* Phone Booster
* Clock is now movable
* Performance optimized
* Bug fixes



Requires: Android4.0 or later

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