Thursday, 9 April 2015

Dinosaur: Sniper reborn 2015 download apk games


Dinosaur: Sniper reborn 2015 download apk games apktop games

Game description: Dinosaur: Sniper reborn 2015:

Dinosaur: Sniper reborn 2015 - hunt huge dinosaurs with your powerful sniper rifle. Practice your shooting and get amazing trophies. Fight dangerous prehistoric creatures in this game for Android. Complete various tasks and hunt allosauruses, brontosauruses, tyrannosaurs, and many other ancient reptiles. Use bushes and other covers to sneak up on your game and stay hidden for as long as possible. Aim carefully and try to hit you target in vulnerable spots. Don't let the dinosaurs get close to you.apktop games

Game features:

Great graphics

Good controls

Many missions

Absorbing gameplay


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